Stepping Out in Faith: How to Act on God’s Call Without Fear

christianity discernment dreams goals massive action personal development Apr 12, 2024

As Christians, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a cycle of inaction, using "discernment" as a shield against making decisions. It's easy to fall into a pattern where we use faith as a crutch, paralyzed by the fear of judgment, failure, or stepping outside God’s will. We worry endlessly about what others might think, the prospect of failing, or the terrifying thought that God might let us falter. But is this truly living the life God wants for us?

The truth is, fear should not dominate our decisions—faith should. To break free from this cycle and actively pursue God's calling, I propose a straightforward three-step plan to guide you through making decisions with clarity and faith.

Step 1: Align Your Dreams with God’s Commandments

Before you take any action, reflect deeply on whether your dream or goal aligns with the teachings of the Bible and God’s commandments. This is the foundational check that ensures our actions are not just good for us, but good in the eyes of God. Ask yourself if what you want to pursue upholds the principles of love, integrity, and compassion that Jesus taught.

Step 2: Consider Your Vocation or State in Life

God calls each of us in unique ways, tailored to who we are and where we are in our lives. Whether you're a parent, a businessperson, a student, or in any other state of life, consider how your dream fits into that role. Does pursuing this goal make sense for you right now, and will it help you fulfill your responsibilities and commitments? This step ensures that your aspirations are not just about personal fulfillment but about serving where you are planted.

Step 3: Seek Peace in Your Decision

Lastly, give yourself time to really sit with your dream. Move beyond the initial excitement or fears and pay attention to the peace that comes when you think about pursuing your goal. This peace, often felt as a quiet assurance in your heart away from the opinions of others, is a powerful indicator of God’s presence in your decision. If a decision brings peace, it’s likely it's guided by the Holy Spirit and not by fleeting emotions or external pressures.

Embrace Action with Faith

Using these three steps, you can move from paralysis to action. You can step out in faith, trusting that God will not let you drown but will guide you through each step. Remember, God uses our actions, even our missteps, as part of His divine plan. Taking a wrong turn does not preclude us from His grace or His plans; it often teaches us valuable lessons that prepare us for what He has in store.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear, but action fueled by faith and guided by God’s Word breeds confidence and growth.

It's time to stop using "discernment" as a reason to stand still.

Evaluate your dreams with these steps, and take bold steps forward. Trust in God’s guidance, and remember, you are capable, you are called, and you are loved—fears and all.

With this approach, step confidently into the path God has laid out for you, knowing that each step is part of a greater journey designed by Him.

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