Ignite confidence within to open up limitless possibilities.

If you’re ready to live a life of purpose and power with Christ at the center of your transformation…

Let me be your guide.


Life doesn't have to feel like one bad surprise party every day.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or even depressed about the future is not how you were made to live.

And I know it's possible to change your life. Because I did it.

I was drowning in my depressed and negative outlook on life. I lost hope and felt like a loser. I believed life and all its sucky-ness was out to get me, and I also believed I deserved it. It was miserable.

Until I chose to take action.  If I wanted my life to change, I had to be the one to initiate the change. Change is like momentum; once you begin, it gets easier to do.

After I realized I had power over my life, with some (a lot) help from above, an avalanche of growth began within me.

This transformation can absolutely happen for you too. I'm not special. I just took responsibility for my growth, and I'd love to help you do the same!


A one-of-a-kind, Christ-centered transformation that will ignite confidence within to open up limitless possibilities for you.



"It's helpful to reflect on progress with a group of ladies who are on the same track towards bettering ourselves, even inch by inch. Leah was also amazing about reminding us that even those inches count!"


Here's what's included:


So you can become the woman God wants you to be


Feedback, support, and encouragement from a group of Christians who are in it with you


A 75+ page transformational digital workbook to track your goals


To all on-demand course material and resources



This isn't just another self-improvement program.

It's an empowering experience backed by Scripture to ground every skill, tool, and mindset.

Our personal development program has been specifically designed to help Christians reach their full potential. We are Scripture-based, open to all Jesus loving believers!

Here you will have access to a guided, transformative journey that is made possible through faith in Jesus – allowing for true change from within!


Power Made Perfect 

is divided into two sections:

Restoration (looking inward) and Resurrection (looking outward).

Phase 1: Restoration

The Power of Your Baseline

You've got to know where you are in order to find clarity on where you're going.

The Power of Identity

Gain a deeper Scriptural understanding of your identity and how all things flow from this foundation.

The Fundamental Human Needs

Expose your greatest needs and desires, and learn how these motivate all of your life decisions.

Reality versus Expectations

Discover how our life's conditions, our expectations, and God's Plan can impact and direct our feelings of fulfillment, joy, and peace.

Breaking Free and Letting Go

Reveal how your past can still be unconsciously calling the shots in your life and learn how to activate healing so a wellspring of interior peace and freedom can reign.

Your Belief System Shapes Everything

Identify the belief systems you hold that shape and drive your thoughts and ultimately your actions.

Decisions Determine Your Success

Master the art of good and quick decision making and say a forever "goodbye" to indecisiveness and hesitation.

Phase 2: Resurrection

The Power of Language

Create a brand new "Resurrection Vocabulary" for your new life and goals with the guidance of Scripture.

Mastering Your Mind

Identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to think with a Christo-centric Growth Mindset.

The Power of Routines

Forge a new, powerful daily routine that upholds your goals, your dreams, and your vocation.

The Power of Ordered Space

Reclaim your space with an ordered environment both physically and mentally.

Creating and Achieving Dreams

Acknowledge and Activate your God-given dreams without neglecting His plan for you.

The Power of Generosity and Gratitude

Learn how generosity and gratitude are the ultimate keys to living lives of holy contribution.

The Royal Path

Develop the skills of being forthright and fearless in your pursuit of peace in this direction for your life.


From the bustling streets of New York City, to the photoshoots and catwalks of the modeling world, to speaking at numerous world-renowned events such as the United Nations, to publishing my first book, to earning my Master’s Degree in Theology, to becoming a wife & mama to 6 babies, I’m living proof that God heals our brokenness and overwhelms us with His love.

How on earth did I go from Reality TV to Mindset Coach?

Now, that's a story I've shared on stages all over the globe for over 15 years. And it's a good one, if you're asking me ...

Here's the kinda-short version: Yes. Guilty as charged. I was on America's Next Top Model.

I was a mess.

And not a "cute" mess. I was a legit chaotic, yarnball of self-sabotage, suicidal ideation, vain, lying, stealing, insecure, depressed, zero confidence, negative bank account, "where am I??" kind-of-mess. Get the picture? A MESS.

I had abandoned all the faith stuff ten years prior, but in the middle of a photoshoot in NYC my Creator came looking for a mess to fix and I was a great candidate for the type of work He does. ;)

And so, He fixed me. And He's still fixing me.

From there, I slowly began sharing my story. The more I served others, the more I realized what was missing out of the "spiritual" talks (hint: it was mindset work).

Soon, my stage presentations became opportunities to coach from the stage - to help people master their mindset (with Scripture) and take agency over their life. And that's when I knew this was the work that I had been made for!

And that, my friend, is how a wild reality TV model became a mindset coach.


"I am no longer stuck and I feel so free to trust God's plans for my life. I can turn to the Lord to find a new solution to any situation I have, which is truly a gift. I am learning to apply new scripts into my life, as well as improve my routines."


Select the plan that works for you:




  • 14 On-Demand Video Lessons
  • 75+ Page Transformational Digital Workbook
  • Access to the Private Power Made Perfect Community
  • Unlimited Access to the Content for Six Months




A Coach-guided approach to Power Made Perfect!

You'll get everything in the basic package, plus...

  • LIVE Coaching Calls with Leah! (these coaching calls occur Bi-Weekly with the VIP group) 

Power Made Perfect is for you if...

✔ You want Christ at the center of your transformation.

✔ You want to achieve your dreams, build confidence and take your life to the next level of success.

 You're ready for true transformation - not just a quick jolt of motivation that leaves you stalled out when the program ends.

 You're ready to put in the work and be an Active Player in your life.

 You're ready to pursue your God-given dreams with a PLAN and without feeling guilty, stressed, or burned-out.

The Time is NOW to be Transformed.


"I finally took the plunge and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I've learned so much about mind management, setting goals, and how to become the woman God is calling me to be. The workshops provided the opportunity to connect with other women and connect what we were learning to our faith."


"I am so happy I invested in MYSELF. I am an entirely different person. I'm more decisive, confident and am taking better care of my physical, mental and spiritual health than ever before. God performed miracles in my life during this time, and I can't wait to see what else He does. Thank you, Leah!"


"I've followed Leah for years, but this is where she belongs and shines –– Coaching women to build a better life. I'm a new wife and mother - Power Made Perfect helped me navigate these new roles with ease. Leah is personal, direct and very motivating. One of the best things I could have done for myself."


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