Main Character Energy: Embracing the Mess for Heroic Business Success

imperfection main character energy messy steps personal development Mar 07, 2024

My journey into public speaking began on a stage before 2000 women, far from the comfort zone of an inexperienced speaker like me. But I had a mission and a message. And either naively or courageously enough, that’s all that was required to take my first step. And I did. 

And it was  m e s s y. 

I’m laughing and shaking my head as I write this, because I have countless stories of those messes over the years. So many lessons learned through absolute failure. So many people’s opinions. So much clown energy from those in the peanut gallery. But also so much love from the few that reached out and helped me grow. 

I refuse to look back at that time, well over 15 years now, and cringe. 

I’m proud of those messy steps. And here’s why you should be proud of yours too.

Every messy step, every mistake gives us information. And that information is invaluable. It's the only type of feedback that is truly objective. And once we learn from it, we don’t forget it. 

Now, with 15 years of experience in public speaking, I am grateful for every messy step. Those messy steps have provided me opportunities to speak to over twenty thousand souls in the Philippines, addressing the United Nations, speaking to the graduating class of the University of St. Thomas as their commencement speaker, and even more opportunities that I hold dear to my heart. All in part, to taking messy steps: learning, growing, and trying again. 

In a world that bombards us with images of perfection, it's no wonder we desire flawlessness in our endeavors. The fear of judgment and failure can immobilize us, preventing us from taking the very actions needed to succeed. 

But here's the truth: imperfection is inevitable, and it's actually what fuels our growth.

Success rarely happens overnight, despite what the media may portray. It's the messy steps, the imperfect actions, that pave the way to true accomplishment.

Taking messy steps, even before feeling fully prepared, cultivates a mindset geared towards growth and adaptability. Remember, "chance favors the bold." By embracing imperfect actions, we increase our chances of uncovering new opportunities and achieving our goals.

We often fall prey to the illusion that our business journeys should be smooth and seamless, a direct flight to success. However, this belief is far from reality. It's the turbulence, the unexpected detours, and yes, even the crashes, that teach us the most. 

The fear of being imperfect, of being judged, or of failing can paralyze us into inaction. But what if we reframed our perspective to see these messy steps not as failures, but as invaluable learning experiences? 

What if we realized that our greatest growth comes from our messiest moments?

These messy steps, these moments of vulnerability and imperfection, they're soul-enriching. They remind us of our humanity, our need for growth, and our dependence on something greater than ourselves. With Christ, we find the strength to take these steps, not in our power, but in His.

In every story worth telling, the hero isn't the one who never fails. The hero is the one who faces challenges, endures failures, and rises again with strength forged in the fire of their trials. You have the opportunity to be the hero in your own life! Embracing your messy steps gives you that main character energy, the undeniable force of someone who is actively shaping their destiny.

So, to you, the mother, the entrepreneur, the dreamer, the doer—I say: embrace your mess. It's not just a path to success; it's the foundation of a story worth telling, a life worth living, and a legacy worth leaving. 

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