Why Christian Personal Development Surpasses Universal Appeal

christianity personal development Feb 28, 2024

How many times have you gotten the ick from hearing someone credit the universe or their mantra for their monumental personal growth?

Look, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but as a Christian, I gotta think that the CREATOR of the universe has more to do with our personal growth than the stuff the Creator creates. Can music, the ocean, a sunrise, or even my own children trigger a moment of growth? YES! But as for me, I’m going to give God, who made the ocean, the sunrise and even co-created my own kid, praise.

Lots of promises in the personal development world claiming they can make you happier, healthier and wealthier. But God never enters into the pic. A lot of these programs keep the idea of a higher being open so that each can choose a god, gods or no god at all to be at the center of their transformation. To be absolutely fair, there’s a lot out there (in the personal growth world) that has helped me grow tremendously and I won't knock that. And frankly, it doesn't bother me that most personal development programs don't incorporate a Christian ethos, as I have always brought my (christian) perspective to that conversation for myself.

But does it give me the ick when I hear the universe as the only acceptable form of a “God”. Yeah. It does.

Here’s where we, Christians, actually have the upperhand in the field of personal development. Christianity is the biggest and longest running personal development program in the universe! It’s all about transformation, renewing your mind, aligning your beliefs to your actions, letting go of the past, accepting a new path, giving hope a name and a face. The biggest difference is that Christ is our model, not a guru or a “program”.

Christian personal development isn't about performing rituals or sending messages into the void, hoping the universe hears us.

Nope, it's all about cultivating a deep and personal relationship with none other than Jesus himself. This relationship provides guidance, comfort, and strength in both the mountain-top moments and the valleys of life. It's the kind of transformation that goes beyond the surface and touches the deepest parts of your soul.

And here's the cherry on top: purpose-driven growth!

While many personal development approaches place emphasis on self-empowerment and personal gain, Christian personal development takes it to a whole new level. It's all about growing not just for ourselves but for the greater good and to fulfill the unique calling placed on our lives by God. It’s not running from suffering but allowing the pain to perfect us. It's like unleashing a ripple effect of positive change that extends way beyond our personal achievements. Talk about leveling up with a purpose, right?

So, my fellow seekers of personal growth, while the allure of universal laws and speaking to the universe may be tempting, Christian personal development offers something even more profound and fulfilling. It's built on unchanging truths, driven by a purpose that extends far beyond ourselves and this life, empowered by the power of prayer, and supported by an incredible community. It's about aligning your life with eternal principles and embarking on a journey that is both deeply personal and incredibly powerful.

Stay bright!


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