Hey! I'm Leah!

My life's mission is to catalyze your greatness: through speaking, coaching and writing, I'll help you unlock the extraordinary power within.
Let me be a part of your journey towards achieving all that God intended for you!

How on earth did you go from

Reality TV to Mindset Coach?

Now, that's a story I've shared on stages all over the globe for over 15 years. And it's a good one, if you're asking me...

Here's the kinda-short version:

Yes. Guilty as charged. I was on America's Next Top Model (cycle 3, cuz I know some of y'all are about to google that crap right now.)

I was a mess. Not the mess you are thinking of right now of a sad girl with a messy bun crying over "what am I supposed to do with my life".

No, that's a "cute" mess.

I was a legit chaotic, yarnball of self-sabatoge, suicidal ideation, vain, lying, stealing, insecure, depressed, zero confidence, negative bank account, "where am I?" kind-of--mess. Get the picture? A MESS.

The next chapter includes an unforeseen "Divine" intervention.

You should know -- 10 years prior, I abandoned all the faith stuff, mostly because I thought my past disqualified me.

But, in the middle of a photoshoot in NYC my Creator came looking for a mess to fix, and from what I hear, I was a great candidate for the type of work He does. ;)

And so, He fixed me.

And He's still fixing me.
From there, I slowly began sharing my story.

The more I served others, the more I realized what was missing out of the "spiritual" talks (hint: it was mindset work).

So, I began consuming all the personal development content in order to share it with anyone who made eye contact with me.

(Yes, I was annoyingly quoting Tony Robbins to everyone. And I'm not ashamed about it at all.)

Soon, my stage presentations became opportunities to coach from the stage - to help people master their mindset (with Scripture) and take agency over their life.

And that's when I knew this was the work that I had been made for!

And that, my friend, is how a wild reality

TV model became a mindset coach.

(we skipped a few chapters, but I doubt you'll mind right now).

I'm sorry, did you say SIX CHILDREN? Are they all yours?

YEP! You read that right.

I have 6 kids. Plus, 2 daughters waiting on us in heaven.  And yes, they are all mine (and my husband, Ricky).

I have to answer this question every time I flash my card in Costco...You'd think they expect people like me to shop there??

Ricky and I are raising our free-range children in Southern Missouri on an 80-acre farm where we grow pumpkins. PUMPKINS. I KNOW!

Who is this woman?  I ask myself this question almost every day.
From the bustling streets of New York City, to the photoshoots and catwalks of the modeling world, to speaking at numerous world-renowned events such as the United Nations, to publishing my first book, to earning my Master’s Degree in Theology, to becoming a wife & mama to 6 babies, I’m living proof that God heals our brokenness and overwhelms us with His love.

My driving force is to help you achieve your full potential!

As women, we are more than what our culture says or dictates. My purpose is to motivate, inspire and help you become the woman GOD created you to be, not who the world says you should be.

I am proud to be a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and a motivator in the name of Jesus. He heals, He redeems, & He makes us new. He sets us on a new path for Him and I am honored to have the opportunity to walk alongside you.

Which Brings Me to You...

I’m here to serve you, to guide you, coach you, inspire you, to pray with you, & to celebrate with and for you.
Through my free and paid content, podcasts, coaching programs & courses - I am here to help you grow and do something beautiful with your one and only life.