The Other Side of Beauty: Embracing God's Vision for Love and True Worth

By Leah Darrow

Drawing on her experience on America's Next Top Model and her work as a fashion model, Leah Darrow exposes the lies we are told about our worth being tied to our appearance and instead invites us to look again at the real meaning of beauty.


She shows how we can reclaim true and lasting beauty--the kind that doesn't depend on self-doubt, exploitation, or comparison--when we reflect God's glory and embrace our value as he made us to be:




Only when we learn to see ourselves as God does can we leave behind our culture's definitions and demands and find joy in The Other Side of Beauty.

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I have enjoyed listening to Leah’s podcast, “Do Something Beautiful”, and when I heard her recording of the first chapter, I was hooked! The rest of the book did not disappoint. I loved the blend of research, personal testimony, and Scripture. Definitely passing the book along to my friends!

Tara S


A close female friend recommended this book for me. As a guy, i really appreciated Leah's witness, and really gave me greater light into the challenges of being a woman in today's society. This is a must read for any man or woman alike. I'm a guy, and this book changed my life with her insights. Thank you Leah! Ive already bought 4 copies for different friends :)



This book is very insightful and inspiring! A must read for all young women! I love how real Leah is. We can all relate to her struggles because we’ve all faced similar struggles. And Leah inspires us to live a life that Christ calls us to to live... no matter the obstacles we must overcome. It’s an easy read that grabs you from the start.

Sarah G


A must read for all women! Leah is so vulnerable and real. She shares the negative effects that the beauty industry and culture has had on her life. She also shares the true side of beauty that can be found by being the person your are made to be. I got sooooo many nuggets of wisdom from this book. I also think guys could benefit from reading this as well. I found that this was a good book to detox from the lies in the culture.

Jacinta F